Westport Hot Yoga

I feel extremely lucky to have found such a wonderful studio that fosters the mind-body practice in a supportive environment.

- Alex M.

Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is for EVERYONE. Any age, any body type, any fitness level. Beginners. Advanced. EVERYONE.

Over time, our muscles tend to stiffen, creating more pressure on the joints. By stretching we can prevent this gradual aging process. Yoga is rejuvenating. When we practice, energy is released in our body that can be used everyday to feel more alive and fulfilled. It helps us look and feel younger. In fact, studies have shown that yoga regenerates tissues, and thus helps cure chronic ailments.

Hot Yoga is practiced in a heated room to allow for deeper stretches into your muscles and avoid injury.

This series is made up of 26 postures, repeated twice, with a rest in between each posture. Our priority is on correct alignment and safety of postures. Listen to your body. Discomfort is ok. Pain is not. Go as deep into each posture as your body allows that day.

The Class is challenging, and you will have to make demands of yourself. It requires tremendous concentration, careful listening to the teacher's precise instructions. Patience, determination, trust and discipline. As these are required of you, they also develop within you. These are 90 minute classes.