Westport Hot Yoga
Dedicated instructors, challenging classes, and an ultra clean studio. I highly recommend FHY
— Kevin D


Before Class Etiquette

Arrive a few minutes early to get settled

Refrain from cell phone conversations at the studio

Leave your cell phones and personal belongings in the changing room

Advise teacher if you need to leave early and set up in the back of the room

Shoes in the cubbies

Avoid wearing perfumes or using scented personal products

Advise the teacher of any relevant medical conditions

During Class Etiquette

No talking in the hot room

Stay in the room for the entire class

If you feel nauseous, faint or dizzy, LAY DOWN. Do not leave class. This is for your safety

Listen to the teacher and stay with the class. We achieve amazing energy in the room

Leave your competitive mind-set outside. Stay with your breath, let go of your thoughts and enjoy class

After Class Etiquette

Observe silence after the final savasana

Respect others and leave the room quietly

Enjoy the natural high you feel when your mind, body, and spirit are in balance